"Don't tell us that we're not ambitious doctors, because we absolutely are!”

Sandra Oh has discussed Asian representation and the risky nature of stereotyping.

Speaking to NBC, Oh was discussing her newest series The Chair.

In the Netflix show, Oh plays head of the English department at the Ivy League-esque Pembroke University Ji-Yoon Kim. NBC describes the character as falling “somewhat into the studious Asian stereotype.”

Oh, said she wasn’t bothered by the stereotypical tropes, stating “we shouldn’t be afraid of seeing ourselves.”

The Killing Eve star defended the character, as she makes an effort to make her more human.

“What Asian Americans have felt has been missing is a fullness of character and a fullness of self,” she said.

“I don’t care if the character is … an ambitious doctor, or a lawyer, or someone who’s a chef, or these things that make us nervous that it’s a trope,” Oh said.  “You just want it to be specific and true. Because that’s what will resonate.”

“Come on! Don’t tell us that we’re not ambitious doctors, because we absolutely are!” She added.

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