"United States of China"

A school in Connecticut was graffitied with anti-Democrat sentiment according to Fox 61.

Police were called to McKinley Elementary School in Fairfield after “United States of China” was sprayed on the sidewalk.

Officers found other graffitied messages in the back of the school’s parking lot with phrases including “Beijing Biden“,”Commie Kamala” and “Communism”.

Each phrase was sprayed in green, centred in a red circle with a line through it.

Another phrase on the sidewalk read, “Biden for socialism.”

“The poignancy of placing it at a school location, the vandalism, and a political message, and a hate message against a racial group, at a school,” said Republican State Senator Tony Hwang.

The graffiti was located at the entrance of the school, where families could see it.

“At McKinley School which is well renowned in the region for its incredible diversity. Over 40 languages spoken, religion, ethnicity, culture, it is a tremendous melting pot of a community,” he said.

The Board of Education and Fairfield Public Schools released a joint statement that reads in part:

“As we process the events unfolding across our country, we know that many in our community are dealing with feeling anger, hurt, and fear. However, there is no place for divisiveness or disruptive language in Fairfield Public Schools.”

Police also found similar graffiti at a TJ MAXX building in town.

“The Fairfield Police Department understands that this incident has caused a great deal of alarm and varying levels of concern for many living within our community and with that in mind police have been working diligently to identify the responsible individual(s),” the police said.

In other news, Rep Mark Takano has expressed his disappointment with the lack of Asian representation in Biden’s Cabinet.