“We need to make New York City the Covid comeback city, but also the anti-poverty city"

Andrew Yang is campaigning for New York City Mayor with Daniel Dae Kim‘s support.

The former Democratic presidential candidate announced his run on Thursday morning.

Releasing a campaign video prior to the announcement, Yang has pledged to revive New York City from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The fears for our future that caused me to run for president have accelerated since this pandemic started,” Yang said to a small crowd of supporters in Manhattan, whilst wearing a ‘Forward New York’ mask.

“We need to make New York City the Covid comeback city, but also the anti-poverty city.”

“Two years ago, no one would have fathomed Congress would ever send tens of millions of Americans around the country money with no strings attached,” Yang said, in reference to Coronavirus stimulus cheques.

During his presidential campaign, Yang was known for proposing universal basic income that would provide $1,000 a month to all U.S. citizens aged over 18.

Sources claim Yang’s new plan as mayor could see 500,000 of the city’s residents receiving between $2,000 and $5,000. The plan would cost an estimated $1bn a year.

Yang also pledged to fix the city’s “mass transmit mess.”

“As mayor, I will get around the city by subway, bus or bike because that’s how most New Yorkers get around,” Yang said.

On Twitter, former Hawaii Five-0 star Daniel Dae Kim showed his support for the Asian American politician.

Kim promoted an event in which he would help Yang register voters.

“Team Yang – we need your help to engage new voters in every corner of NYC and register them to vote! Join our growing team to help get Andrew Yang elected in the Democratic Primary on June 22nd!” The event blurb reads.

“If you’re around Queens tomorrow, come join me and the next Mayor of New York, @AndrewYang, as we register new voters for the upcoming election. Hope to see you! #areyouregistered? #vote #YangGang,” the Korean American star tweeted.

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