"Patrick Mock is Chinatown"

Will Smith and Alicia Keys have surprised an NYC Chinatown chef, commending him for his service to the community.

Smith contacted Patrick Mock as part of his Snap Original series Will From Home: Holiday Special.

Mock, a chef and manager in NYC’s Chinatown, helped the community by delivering free meals to the homeless during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Patrick Mock is Chinatown,” the Bad Boys actor said to the camera.

“When coronavirus hit New York Chinatown was hit the hardest. But, Patrick refuse to sit back and watch Chinatown died, he kept his bakery 46 miles, open, and he started delivering hundreds of free meals a day to the homeless.”

Mock’s initiative ‘Light Up Chinatown’ received a $10k donation from Asian Americans For Equality and $50k from 1863 Ventures and Google.

Responding to Smith, Mock said, “it never about me. It was more about bringing my community together, you know, that’s the whole point of me trying to do this that comes together right that is what I really care for that community.”

The 52-year-old actor replied, “the fact that you turn to service in the time of your personal difficulty. I love that man.”

Smith then said he heard Mock likes karaoke and went on to introduce Alicia Keys.

“Patrick this is your home girl Alicia,” Key said to Mock. “When I heard about your story and so much love it so much for your community. I was moved.”

“And I understand that you love karaoke and I know we can’t do it together right at this minute you know like in person, but we can do it right here. You want to do it, sir.”

In other news, a sushi restaurant in Sacramento has been targeted with racist vandalism.