"Thanks for giving my country COVID"

An anti-masker was caught on camera racist hate towards an Asian man in OC California.

Footage of the incident was uploaded to YouTube, with the uploader explaining that the “racist man ambushed me in the parking lot, chanting racial slurs and threatening to punch me in the face after he refused to practice social distancing.”

In the clip, the racist man is heard shouting “stay at home” before getting out of his car and approaching the Asian man filming.

“Why don’t you stay at home?” The man continues. “Are you that dumb? You want to photograph me?”

As the man behind the camera retreats, the racist man returns to his car but adds, “Exactly! Get in your car, stupid gook!”

In other news, a brewery in Placer County has apologized for their ‘Chinese Virus Special’ promotion but has denied it was racist.

Facebook user Antonio Valladares, who is known for tracking down racists, identified the man as Brian Kranz, Personal Trainer from Irvine, CA.

meet Brian Kranz, Personal Trainer from Irvine, CA

anti-mask and racist fitness bro harassed an Asian woman inside…

Posted by Antonio Valladares on Monday, 28 December 2020