Angela de la Cruz Perez is a fresh graduate of Georgetown University

Inquirer reports that President-elect Joe Biden has appointed a Filipino American graduate as a White House press assistant.

Angela de la Cruz Perez, a fresh graduate of Georgetown University, will join the White House Communications and Press Staff and will also as serve as national communications assistant and communications intern for the Biden-Harris campaign.

“This opportunity is nothing short of a dream come true,” Perez said.

The graduate is from Woodside, Queens – one of the largest concentrations of Filipinos in the United States.

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain revealed that the new communications staff will be more diverse in an effort to rebuild the trust of the American people.

“In times of crisis, clear communication can save lives and keep families safe,” Klain said.

“These staff members recognize the important role they play in communicating fact-based information to the public on behalf of the president and vice president-elect.”

“They are respected and creative communicators ready to tackle the urgent challenges facing our nation,” Klain said.

“Restoring faith in government by speaking honestly and directly to the American people will be a hallmark of my administration,”Biden added in a press statement.

“Our communications and press staff are integral to this effort and are committed to building this country back better for all Americans. I’m proud to have them serve the American people in the White House.”

Perez said she wanted to join the Biden-Harris campaign because “I wanted to contribute to the president and vice president-elect’s vision of restoring decency to the White House and fighting for middle-class families. They have the American people’s best interests at heart.”

In other news, Biden is set to nominate Asian American lawyer Katherine Tai as his top US trade envoy.