"Now he’s surrounding himself with panda huggers"

US Senator Tom Cotton has described Joe Biden‘s cabinet as “panda huggers” due to its stance on China.

In a series of tweets, Cotton criticised how Biden is “surrounding himself with panda huggers” and will “go soft on China.”

“As Bob Gates said, Joe Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Now he’s surrounding himself with panda huggers who will only reinforce his instincts to go soft on China,” Cotton tweeted.

“John Kerry will jet off to Beijing in pursuit of a climate accord with the world’s biggest polluter, the Chinese Communist Party. If Xi Jinping plays along, he’ll demand concessions. And we know what that means: more shuttered factories in the U.S., more hot air from Beijing,” he continued.

“What else will Biden, Kerry, & Blinken give away to “smooth relations” with Beijing? Will they stop efforts to arrest Chinese spies on our campuses? Rescue China’s electronic surveillance company, Huawei? Weaken export controls? Delay arms sales to Taiwan?…”

“…Reduce U.S naval operations in the South China Sea? Prohibit our military commanders from speaking frankly about the PLA? Halt the development of U.S. intermediate-range missiles for deployment to the Pacific? It’s all on the table.”

In other news, Chinese American Trump supporters are using WeChat to raise funds for an election recount. 

Elsewhere, Andrew Yang has been listed as top pick for Secretary of Commerce under Joe Biden.