"Trump 2020, puto!”

A driver was caught on camera hurling racist slurs at an Asian man in Los Angeles.

Uploaded by Instagram account @screwallracists, the clip shows the man shouting “Trump 2020” and racist slurs, as well as pulling his eye back.

“So this guy cuts me off on the freeway and almost causes an accident,” the Instagram post reads.

“When I honked at him he proceeded to lower his window and began using racial slurs at me.”

At the start of the clip, the Asian man behind camera is heard saying “call me a chink again!”

“Hey, what’s up buddy?” The driver responds before shouting “Trump 2020!”

“Trump 2020, puto!”

“Trump 2020! Trump 2020!” the driver continues before pulling his eye back. “Trump 2020, f***ing chino!”

The driver of the vehicle has not been identified but the man behind the camera managed to capture a picture of his license plate: 29490L2.

In other news, an Asian American CNN reporter experienced three racist incidents in one hour at a US Airport.