"Even if you mishear how can you get Wang from Mike? it's totally different"

A racist Starbucks employee has come under fire for writing a Chinese name on a Korean man’s order in Las Vegas.

Tiffany Lee told 3 News Las Vegas that her husband Michael and three of his colleagues had ordered from the Starbucks on Fort Apache and Tropicana.

Michael placed a group order and told the Starbucks employee his name was “Mike”.

When Michael received the order,  the Chinese name “Wang” was written on the cup and receipt.

“He literally just humiliated all those guys who went in there to get coffee in front of other people. And without any apologizing sincerely he just said I must’ve misheard I’m sorry, even if you mishear how can you get Wang from Mike? it’s totally different.” Lee said.

Lee said her husband and his colleagues were hurt by the incident and feel that racism has become more common due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I just don’t get it all of this stuff going on with COVID-19 and the president calling it the “china-virus;” even though I’m not Chinese. Any Asian people you see out there people assume you’re from China.”

In a statement, Starbucks said of the incident, “nobody should be made to feel unwelcome in our stores, and we have apologized to the customers for this experience. We are conducting an investigation to better understand how this could have taken place and will take the necessary steps to address it.”

The employee who wrote the name on the order has been placed on leave amid an investigation.

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