"#MillionMAGAMarch BLUEberry pancakes in honor of Georgia and Arizona"

Kpop fans were flooding the #MillionMAGAMarch hashtag to protest a pro-Trump rally over the weekend according to Insider.

The Million MAGA March was due to take place on Saturday in Washington, DC.

Thousands reportedly attended the rally to back the President’s claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Counter-protesting the rally, actor Shea Depmore urged her social media followers to post pictures of pancakes instead.

“Proud Boys and mega-mad MAGAers are descending upon D.C this Saturday for the Million MAGA March. I’ve seen many on this app rightfully warn people to stay away, as these fools come strapped and they’re angry,” Depmore said in a video ahead of the protest.

“But I don’t want these Proud Boys to be proud. Make yourself some pancakes or find yourself a good stock photo and fill the hashtag #MillionMAGAMarch with syrupy goodness. Someone please inform the K-pop stans.”

Fans responded to her request, sharing images of their pancakes.

“Shout out to the incredible K-Pop Stans (Twitter royalty) who hijacked the #MillionMAGAMarch hashtag with pancakes making it unusable by Trump loyalists,” one person wrote on Twitter.

#MillionMAGAMarch BLUEberry pancakes in honor of Georgia and Arizona and “The BLUEberry pancake Wall” #Concede,” another wrote.

“A presidential story, illustrated using pancakes,” aid another.

“There’s nothing that flips better than a pancake — except ya know…maybe Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin,” another wrote.

Earlier this year, Kpop fans flooded #WhiteLivesMatter, #MAGA and #BlueLivesMatter hashtags following the murder of African American man George Floyd.

In related news, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has expressed his disappointment that more Asian Americans did not vote against Trump.