Featuring a 'Fresh-faced Female Employee Pub' where customers can drink with actresses appearing in debuts

A Japanese adult video company is opening an adult theme park in Tokyo’s red-light district.

Soft On Demand AKA SOD is a Japanese adult video group of companies and is known for its creative and alternative approach to its videos.

One director described their company as “SOD’s porno is ridiculous. There’s nothing really sordid about it” and “different to anything else in the porno world”.

Next month, SOD will open a theme park in Tokyo’s red-light district Kabukicho called ‘SOD Land’.

The five-floor building features a different theme on each floor.

In the basement, the ‘Newcomer Adult Film Actress Floor’ can be found. A ‘SOD Fresh-faced Female Employee Pub’ is stationed on the floor, where customers are served by actresses who will be featuring in their SOD debut.

SOD Land’s first floor provides guidance and bill settling as well as a gift shop and picture booth.

One floor up is the ‘Kakubutsu Salon’ where customers can drink with women from the ‘fuzoku’ industry. The ‘fuzoku’ industry focuses on hostess bars, erotic massage, and other entertainment services of a risqué nature.

The third floor, is the ‘Famous Adult Actress Floor,’ which offers “a space of dreams where you can become friends with famous adult film actresses while drinking” in the Syain Bar.

A ‘Silent Bar’ can be found on the fourth floor where SOD actresses dressed in swimwear mix drinks for customers behind a one-way mirror. Conversation between customers is strictly prohibited.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, partitions will be erected and customers are required to have their temperature checked.

SOD Land will open on 10 October, Admission fees are 500 yen per 30 minutes.