"Our community can be the margin of victory"

Former Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has called the removal of President Trump from the White House a “major political awakening” for Asian Americans.

Yang made the remarks in a virtual fundraiser for Asian Americans Against Trump on Monday.

Other prominent Asian American leaders and public figures who were on the call included Democratic Reps. Ro Khanna and Grace Meng, Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim, Pachinko author Min Jin Lee.

Putting forward the case for voting Democrat in November, Yang said, “if we get out in force and help Joe and Kamala win, this could be the major political awakening that Asian Americans have been waiting for a generation or more.”

Yang went on to say that Asian Americans have been “forced to become more engaged” politically due to Coronavirus racism.

“We have to roll our sleeves up and do things we have not done as a community as high of a level as, frankly, people in other communities,” the Asian American entrepeneur said.

“Our community can be the margin of victory and help elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, our first Asian-American and Black woman vice president,” NY Rep. Meng added.

In related news, the gynaecologist who sexually assaulted Andrew Yang’s wife was recently indicted on federal charges.