"You hear sizzling? I hear my ancestors crying"

Nigel Ng AKA Uncle Roger has taken on professional chef Jamie Oliver by reviewing his method for making egg fried rice.

Uncle Roger went viral last month for being “disgusted” by the BBC’s egg fried rice tutorial.

Now, the internet’s favourite uncle has aimed his sights towards the British MBE chef and restaurateur.

At the start of the video, Uncle Roger immediately takes issue with Oliver’s saucepan.

” Two second into video, and I already see saucepan,” Uncle Roger says. “Āi yā! Where your wok? Jamie, where your wok? Jamie, you have 25 cookbook, but you can’t afford one wok?”

“Uncle Roger send you one wok for free, Jamie.”

When Oliver goes on to describe egg fried rice as a “side dish”, Uncle Roger is immediately triggered.

“Jamie say egg fried rice is side dish? When Uncle Roger growing up, when my mom make me egg fried rice, that is the main dish. I never tell my mom, “Oh mom, this egg fried rice is only side dish.
Where the main dish? Where the main dish?” I would have been beaten to death.”

Oliver then uses olive oil, which Uncle Roger again critisizes.  “Who use olive oil for egg fried rice?” Uncle Roger questions. “What, are you making salad? Olive oil is like white-people oil. Not suitable for Asian dishes like egg fried rice.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Oliver then fries spring onions before anything else.

“No, no, no, no, no, spring onion is garnish!” Uncle Roger exclaims. “It’s garnish! You put spring onion as the last thing in your meal, not the first thing in the frying pan! Āi yā! First step should be garlic!”

“This first three step all wrong already,” Uncle Roger says with a sigh. “I thought you professional chef! You have website and everything! Uncle Roger don’t even have website and Uncle Roger know you fucked up.”

Oddly, Oliver then uses pre-cooked rice, which Uncle Roger likens to Japanese restaurants offering instant noodles.

Later in the video, Oliver is heard saying “you can hear [the rice] sizzling”, to which Uncle Roger aptly responds, “You hear sizzling? I hear my ancestors crying.”

At the end of his video, Uncle Roger states, “Jamie is professional chef, all the step he mess up. Does this guy hate rice or something?”

“What else have he done with rice?” Uncle Roger asks before sharing a screenshot of an article titled ‘Jamie Oliver’s ‘jerk rice’ accused of cultural appropriation’.

“This guy, I think he just hate rice in general,” Uncle Roger concludes. “Maybe he’s sponsored by potato company. They are competition. Uncle Roger don’t like this Jamie Oliver recipe. Too wet, no garlic, no MSG, he break the tofu, no wok, it’s all wrong.”