Crime on the whole is down but hate crimes are up

ABC7 reports that the NYPD has issued its latest crime report, showing that crimes against Asian Americans were on the rise in April.

The report comes at a time when Asian Americans are facing racism as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Last month Asian Americans reported 1,500 crimes related to Coronavirus.

NYPD officials announced on Monday that hate crimes and bias incidents towards Asian Americans also increased in the city.

Police revealed that 14 hate crimes were reported last month with 15 Asian American victims and 11 arrests. Each crime was linked to Covid-19.

Elected officials fear that the actual number of attacks on Asian Americans is much higher.

However, whilst hate crimes towards Asians have risen the major crime index on the whole for each New York borough last month dropped by 30% compared to 2019.

In related news, Asian American unemployment claims have spiked 6,900% in New York due to Coronavirus lockdowns.