Created in collaboration with Morinaga

Hypebeast reports that McDonald’s Japan will be offering a Ramune soda-flavoured McShake.

Created in partnership with Tokyo confectionary company Morinaga, the limited edition drink will be available from 20 May in time for summer.

Served in a retro-style cup, the sake even come in the same teal colour as the Ramune bottle and candy.

Ramune’s distinct and familiar lemon-lime taste is found in the refreshing icy shake and is a must-try for any fan of the flavour.

The shake is priced at ¥120 and ¥200 JPY (approximately $1.12 and $1.86 USD) for its small and medium sizes respectively.

McDonald’s Japan will only be serving the limited-time shake until mid-June, so be sure to try one as soon as possible.