"You need to move to a different car. I'm going to beat this Chinese n------ up."

NBC News reports that an NYC man tried to forcibly remove an Asian American nurse from a subway car amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The incident occurred in Manhattan on Sunday. The man made anti-Asian remarks before physically assaulting the 30-year-old Filipino American male nurse.

“Hey Chinaman, you’re infected,” the man said, according to police. “You need to move to a different car. I’m going to beat this Chinese n—— up.”

Grabbing the Asian American nurse’s wrist and shoulder, the man tried to remove him from the car.

The nurse was uninjured but the suspect fled.

Last month, Asian Americans reported over 1,500 reports of Coronavirus racism.

Furthermore, according to an NYPD crime report, Coronavirus crimes against Asian Americans are on the rise.

Most recently, an Asian San Francisco resident was harassed by a racist woman whilst walking her dogs.