Police said there is "zero indication that there was targeting due to him being Chinese"

CNN reports that a University of Pittsburgh professor who was “on the verge” of making “significant” Coronavirus findings, was killed in a murder-suicide.

Bing Liu was a research assistant professor at the university. His colleagues at the university’s Department of Computational and Systems Biology said he was “on the verge of making very significant findings toward understanding the cellular mechanisms that underlie SARS-CoV-2 infection and the cellular basis of the following complications.”

Liu was found dead at his townhouse on Saturday with gunshot wounds to the head, neck torso and extremities.

Ross Police Department believe that an unidentified man shot and killed Liu before returning to his car and shooting himself.

Although the men likely knew each other, police believe the crime was not race related.

Detective Sgt Brian Kohlhepp said there is “zero indication that there was targeting due to his (Liu) being Chinese.”

In a statement, the university said it is “deeply saddened by the tragic death of Bing Liu, a prolific researcher and admired colleague at Pitt. The University extends our deepest sympathies to Liu’s family, friends and colleagues during this difficult time.”

Members of the university’s School of Medicine have pledge to complete Liu’s research “in an effort to pay homage to his scientific excellence.”

In related news, the NYPD has issued its latest crime report, showing that Coronavirus crimes against Asian Americans were on the rise in April.