"It makes all other songs about washing yourself look like trash"

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver was seen dancing to a Vietnamese PSA song that educates people about the Coronavirus.

In his latest video, the British American comedian focused his entire 20-minute segment on the virus, highlighting the fears and misconceptions about it.

Discussing how various countries have dealt with the virus, Oliver particularly praised Vietnam, which issued a PSA music video to educate its citizens about the virus.

“Vietnam for instance moved quickly and among other things produced this incredible public information video about how to limit its spread through proper hygiene,” Oliver said before showing the song, titled ‘Jealous Coronavirus’.

In a clip shown to the audience, lyrics include “wash our hands, rub, rub, rub, rub evenly” and “push back the Corona, Corona.”

A rather ecstatic Oliver is then seen dancing in his chair as he says “yes yes yes yes! Vietnam made a song about washing your hands to prevent coronavirus infection and it absolutely slaps!”

“That’s a genuine club banger right there,” he continued before showing how the song has become a TikTok dance challenge.

“The songs incredible it makes all other songs about washing yourself look like trash,” he said. “I’m talking to you here Ernie [from the Muppets], look you’ve been on top of the
pile for a long time but you got complacent didn’t you?! While other artists were out there innovating you kept singing the same old ducky song.”

The song’s segment is featured at the 6:20 mark.

Oliver ends the video with his advice, “don’t be racist, don’t hoard masks, check the CDC website” and “wash your hands”. Ending the segment, he once again is seen dancing to the Vietnamese Coronavirus track.

In related news, Asian American lawmakers are urging Congress members to help to combat racism linked to the virus.