"Lol me getting called racist coz I said Chinese disease... HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD"

A British model has been removed by a beauty pageant after she sent a series of racist Instagram post regarding the Coronavirus.

In the now-deleted stories, Chantelle Foreman wrote “Chinese disease” in her first post. She then followed it up with “Fk the chinks STRAIGHT UP over populated all look alike & ruined, infecting the best of us.”

The term “Chinese disease” has recently been met with contention due to the ongoing Coronavirus.

To her dismay and confusion, she received an array of messages calling her out for her racism.

Unable to comprehend why, she added another story writing, “Lol mee getting called racist coz I said Chinese disease… HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD.”

When one Instagram user messaged her asking “why have you put Chinese disease?”

“It’s true,” Foreman responded. “Or I’m lying?”

On Foreman’s now-deleted Instagram account, she describes herself as a “model” for “fashion/swimwear”.

Her accolades in her bio included “former Miss Swimsuit UK finalist” and “grand finalist” for Miss Midlands UK.

A Twitter account which appears to belong to Foreman suggests that she also goes by the name ‘Chantelle Withers’.

Miss Midlands UK pageant posted on their story staying Foreman has since been removed from from their site.

“She’s been asked to take her name away from her profile and I’ve removed her from all MMUK chats,” the pageant wrote.

In related news former NBA star Jeremy Lin has slammed President Trump for “empowering racism” by continuing to call the Coronavirus “The Chinese Virus”.