"It feels like I'm going back to a family reunion"

A new trailer for the latest film in the Fast and Furious franchise titled Fast & Furious 9 has hinted that Han will be brought back.

The Asian character, played by Sung Kang, was killed off at the end of 2006’s The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. 

Despite the character’s demise, fans of the series and specifically fans of the character, used the hashtag  to show filmmakers their support for Han’s revival.

Asian American director Justin Lin (Tokyo Drift, Fast& Furious, Fast & Furious 5, Fast & Furious 6) was reportedly seen last year wearing a ‘Justice For Han’ T-shirt on the set of Fast 9, which he also directed.

In the trailer, which was released over the weekend, Kang is seen at the end of the clip saying “nice clubhouse” as he emerges into what is presumed to be the lead group’s hangout. Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto then gives Han a warm embrace.

An official poster for the upcoming film showed a picture of Han with the words “justice is coming”.

Speaking to the LA Times, Kang expressed how he missed the character himself too.

“It’s emotional — it feels like I’m going back to a family reunion,”Kang said. “It’s a relationship that has been missing in my life since the last ‘Fast.'”

Fast 9 hits theatres on 22 May 2020.