"I'm done with General Tso's chicken"

SOHH reports that rapper 50 Cent has suggested to President Trump that he should send “motherfuckers back to China” in relation to the Coronavirus.

In his now deleted Instagram post, 50 Cent shared a screenshot of a TSR article’s headline that read “Health Officials Are Monitoring At Least Five Cases Of The Deadly Coronavirus In The United States.”

Although the rapper AKA Curtis James Jackson III did not caption the post, he shared his suggestions for the US President in the comment section.

“what da fuck is this?” he wrote in one comment. “Trump gonna send these mother fuckers back to China. LOL”

In another post, Jackson said we would forget about the President’s impeachment if he just sent “this shit back to China.”

“Forget impeachment,” he wrote. “Send this shit back to China and we don’t remember the other bullshit Trump, ok?”

Jackson also wrote that he would not be be eating the American Chinese dish General Tso’s chicken.

“I’m done with general Tos [sic] chicken,” he wrote.

The death toll from the Coronavirus currently stands at 170 with 7,111 confirmed cases in China.

Coronavirus test kits were recently likened to “winning lottery tickets” in Wuhan.

In related news, UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion Weili Zhang recently slammed her opponent Joanna Jedrzejczyk for making a racist Coronavirus joke.

Additionally, a 13-year-old Chinese boy was reduced to tears after a group of Italian racists hurled slurs at him about the virus.

Meanwhile, a 62-year-old Chinese doctor in Wuhan has died after treating patients for the virus.