"Had that been me mimicking the Indian accent... I would not be sitting here now"

A clip has resurfaced on social media of Piers Morgan slamming Trevor Noah for mimicking the Indian accent.

Earlier this week, Morgan came under fire for mimicking the Chinese accent on live television.

On Good Morning Britain the 54-year-old presenter was discussing how the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips appeared in a Chinese advert for milk.

“At the next royal event, can you imagine Christmas at Sandringham is like – ‘I’m sorry your majesty, but I only drink yang yank yong ying ming milk.”” Morgan said.

He also said later in the segment, “ok then – ching chang chong, ok I got it.”

“I’m trying to mimic the words of that advertisement!” Morgan said in an attempt to defend himself.

Social media users have since been calling for Morgan to be sacked by ITV.

Now, a clip from 2019 in which Morgan stated he would be fired if he mimicked the Indian accent has resurfaced.

In the clip, Morgan criticized Noah for joking about a war between India and Pakistan whilst using an Indian accent.

“He’s a black South African,” Morgan said of Noah. “Had that been me mimicking the Indian accent and mocking the Indian and Pakistan conflict, I would not be sitting here now. There is hypocrisy.”

Social media users have called out Morgan for being hypocritical himself.

“Remember when Piers Morgan was annoyed at a comedian last year for mimicking the Indian accent and said “but had that have been me” acting like he would never do something like that, and now going ahead and mocking the Chinese language. Speaking of hypocrisy?” One Twitter user wrote.

“He obviously knows it’s racism so why does he do it?” The Twitter user wrote in another tweet.