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TikTok content creators Brittany & Jared (@brittany.and.jared) have come under fire for a “racist” video involving a cat in the oven as a Panda Express ingredient.

In the now-deleted video, a live cat is placed in an oven with the caption “Recipe Leaked”. The oven is then turned on at 485°F. A Panda Express takeout is then seen in the oven after the timer runs out.

Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is played in the background.

As the video has a #repost hashtag, it is unclear as to whether Brittany & Jared actually made the video. Nonetheless, the couple seemed to enjoy the joke and captioned it “performed by professionals… please do not try this at home”.

In any case, people seemed rather unhappy with the video. “Did you see the one where the kid put their cat in the oven and out came panda express? because fuck that kid for several reasons,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“It seems not many people really take racism against Asian people seriously,” a reader said to NextShark. “Making videos like this isn’t okay, at least in my book.”