"He’s not getting a Netflix special anytime soon"

Crazy Rich Asians star Ronny Chieng has shared his opinion on presidential candidate Andrew Yang and his jokes.

On Tuesday, Chieng’s Netflix special Asian Comedian Destroys America was released and has since received positive reviews.

Reflecting on his journey into America, Chieng jokes about life as an Asian immigrant in the US, the American dream and Yang.

“When’s the last time an Asian person was running for president this late in the game?” Chieng asked. “I just think it’s fun to see this Chinese guy run for president. I don’t think we’ve ever seen someone do it. He’s doing better than a lot of people thought when he started. He can’t be worse than the guy in charge.”

Earlier this year, Yang came under fire for reinforcing the model minority myth by making a joke about Asian doctors.

Chieng said he was surprised by the politician and that he “don’t expect a presidential candidate to joke like that. It’s a very stuffy conversation.”

The Malaysian comedian described Yang’s humour as “an Asian dad making Asian dad jokes. He’s not getting a Netflix special anytime soon,” he said.

In related news, Chieng recently revealed that Netflix told him “nobody knows who you are”, forcing him to change the title of his tour.

Meanwhile, Yang has qualified for the final Democratic debate stage.