"I want you to look at their faces. So when you look at your children, you will see the pieces of my children and my husband"

The Daily Mail reports that a man who killed an Asian man and his five daughters in a car crash has been sentenced to one year of probation.

Alvin Hubbard III, 46, passed out behind the wheel whilst driving on Delaware Route 1 on 6 July 2018, before swerving across the median and ploughing into oncoming traffic.

Hubbard’s Ford F-350 first hit a sedan driven by Brian Kern and injured the man. The truck then smashed into a family minivan.

Audie Trinidad, 61, and his daughters, Kaitlyn, 20, Danna, 17, and twins Allison and Melissa, 13 died at the scene. The mother, Mary Rose Ballocanag, was transported to a hospital for injuries.

The Trinidad family returning home in their minivan from a family vacation in Ocean City, Maryland.

Hubbard, a welder for Aledak Metalworks, was driving the company car with a co-worker, who was also taken to hospital.

Despite undergoing eight surgeries, Ballocanag has lost the use of her hands and legs and the ability to return to work as a nurse again.

The widow asked the judge to impose the 14-year maximum prison sentence but prosecutors eventually pushed for a one year prison sentence.

During the sentencing Ballocanag and 18 of the Trinidad’s friends and family cried.

“His one life will never be enough for the five people he killed,” she said, “My physical pain is nothing compared to the mental pain and anguish of losing my entire family.”

She then turned to Hubbard and showed him a photo of her deceased family.

“I want you to look at their faces,” Ballocanag said. “So when you look at your children, you will see the pieces of my children and my husband.”

Prosecutors told the judge that Hubbard only slept as much as five hours before working a full day prior to the crash.

Hubbard’s attorney, John Kirk, said his client suffered from the respiratory condition called cough syncope. He claimed Hubbard’s cough, which became more forceful, caused him pass out and drift out of his lane.

“Many lives were ruined that day, including his,” Kirk said.

Hubbard was later diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to Kirk.

The state also said there was no sign of “intentional or reckless conduct.”

Ballocanag initially wanted to sue the state, which only installed a guard rail along the crash site after criticism grew.

The Delaware Department of Transportation installed a guard rail along the crash site on Delaware Route 1 after criticism grew.

However, Ballocanag’s spokesperson Diane Lucianna, said “it’s right in Delaware statute, you can’t sue for guard rails or lack of.”

Aledak Metalworks’ insurance company  has since reached a confidential settlement with Ballocanag.

Hubbard was charged with five counts of second-degree vehicular homicide and three counts of vehicular assault in November 2018. He was also charged with failing to obey traffic devices, driving across a median and inattentive driving.

He initially pleaded not guilty. The state then lessened the charges to five counts of operating a vehicle causing death and five counts for second-degree and third-degree vehicular assault.

Hubbard pleaded guilty in June 2019.

A Go Fund Me page created in July 2018 has raised over $300,000 for the family.