"Repeated mistakes like this are still emblematic of the systemic disrespect we face"

Crazy Rich Asians star Chris Pang has expressed his frustration to The Huffington Post about a media outlet misidentifying him as Simu Liu.

In a review for Pang’s latest film Charlie’s Angels, media outlet CNET Liu was referenced as the film’s villain Jonny Smith.

“From the outset, Stewart’s Sabina tackles the previous films’ baggage when it comes to women being exploited for their sexuality. Wearing a wavy blond wig and tight dress, she discusses female independence and how being underestimated is an advantage in the spy profession, before flipping Simu Liu’s misogynistic Australian thug onto his head,” it read.

Pang’s attention was brought to the issue by the Kim’s Convenience star himself, who tweeted the outlet directly.

“Hey @CNET, either you got the wrong Asian or I’m misreading the sentence and you’re actually referring to @pangerz as MY Australian thug. If it is the latter… carry on,” Liu wrote on Twitter.

Pang responded, “@SimuLiu’s misogynistic Australian thug here – sup? What’d I miss?”

The Australian actor told The Huffington Post that situations like these detract from the strides made by the Asian acting community.

“The exposure we are finally receiving is progress towards normalising the image of groups that we represent – and repeated mistakes like this, while unintentional, are still emblematic of the systemic disrespect we face,”he said. “It trivialises hard won progress.”

CNET responded to the upcoming Shang-Chi star’s direct tweet by commenting, “thanks for the catch! Our review has now been updated. (Also, we can’t wait to see you in Shang-Chi)”.

Social media users then weighed in on the mix-up. “Seriously, that one is SO easy to check. Simu Liu is not in Charlie’s Angels,” one person tweeted.

“Chris Pang and Simu Liu just don’t even look alike 😅, both equally hot, but definitely different looks so not sure the writer actually looked at a photo or the film 🤷‍♀️,” another wrote.

Earlier this year The Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng called out People Magazine for misidentifying Asian actors from Crazy Rich Asians.

In a photo from the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Chieng was captured with Tan Khen Hua, AwkwafinaKen Jeong and Fiona Xie. However, People captioned the photo“Jae W Suh, Randall Park, Awkwafina, Michelle Yeoh, Ken Jeong & Fiona Xie.”

In other related news, video game Overwatch has included a homage to Kim’s Convenience.

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