BTS is the first group to have three number-one albums in less than a year since The Beatles

Paul McCartney has responded to Kpop group BTS singing his classic Beatles track ‘Hey Jude’.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert four months ago, the Korean boy band were asked by Colbert if they had a favourite Beatles’ song.

The Bangtan boys then responded by launching into an impromptu rendition of the ‘na-na-na-na’ part of ‘Hey Jude’.

On Monday, McCartney was promoting his new book ‘Hey Granddude!’  The Late Show when Colbert drew his attention towards BTS.

Stating that BTS is the first group to have three number one albums in less than a year since The Beatles, Colbert asked McCartney if he knew about the Korean stars.

McCartney told Colbert that he had and was then shown the clip of BTS singing ‘Hey Jude’ on the show.

“Woo hoo!” McCarney responded as he applauded the group. Colbert then asked him, “What is it about your music that transcends a geographic and language barrier so that those seven guys just jump up and start the ‘na-na-nas?’”

“Easy lyrics,” McCartney responded simply.

Fans responded warmly to the superstars crossing paths, expressing their support on social media.

“I just love Colbert so much for this. For having both BTS and McCartney on his show in 2019, asking them about each other,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “THAT is good television, its what people want to see and don’t know they want to see. And so helpful to keep BTS chatter up during this season.”

“Paul McCartney on Colbert reacting and clapping along to BTS singing ‘Hey Jude’ on Colbert is something that I thought I would never see in my lifetime,” another fan tweeted. “2019 keeps on giving.”

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