"Close your eyes start a journey to a brave new world"

Andrew Yang has shared his pictures of his previous Halloween costumes and they’re truly amazing.

The presidential candidate is known for his ‘for-the-people’ politics and his Twitter feed is certainly keeping us happy.

“In the run-up to Halloween, I am posting pics of Halloweens gone by to this thread,” the Asian American politician posted on Twitter. “Here’s me as a punk with Evelyn.”

With heavy eyeliner, punk choker and dark clothing, Yang his wife look like an Asian Sid & Nancy (minus the murder).

Elsewhere in the thread, Yang shared a picture of him with Evelyn dressed as Erik and Christine from The Phantom Of The Opera. “Close your eyes start a journey to a brave new world,” Yang captioned it.

In another picture, Yang dressed up as Captain America, holding his Batman-clad son in one arm – Captain Asian America more like!

Perhaps the most adorable picture Yang shared in his thread was one from his childhood. Pictured with a group of his friends, Yang is seen dressed as a Viking with a horned Viking helmet.

We simply can’t wait to see what Yang has in store for us this Halloween!

In related news, SNL recently fired a host who had just been hired after footage of him calling Yang a “Jew-chink” surfaced online.