Holographic Alakazam, Blastoise and Chansey cards are also included

TMZ reports that complete set of Pokémon cards was auctioned off for $107,010.

The 1999 mint condition set, which features a First Edition Charizard, was sold at Goldin Auctions, New York, over the weekend.

Holographic Alakazam, Blastoise and Chansey cards are also included in the set – some of which are one of fifty in the entire world.

Goldin Auctions’ consignment director, Dave Amerman, told Kotaku that this set was not just an ordinary complete set of Pokémon cards.

“There’s a common misconception with these cards,” he explained. “The key to the sale here isn’t so much the fact of having the entire set together. You can put together an entire set for maybe $1,000.”

The cards are graded with ‘GEM mint condition grading’, which measures the cards’ corners, color grading, consistency and gloss.

“On the back they have the dark color, the blue Pokémon border,” Amerman said of the set. “You can’t tell if you’re not looking closely, but on the back, there’s a white chipping sometimes. To get the perfect grade, it has to be a solid color on front and back.”

Amerman added that Pokémon cards are often worth more than baseball cards. “You get these millennials, who are broke, maybe finishing college and have six figures in their closet,” he said.

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