The first batch is limited to 3000

Taiwan is launching limited edition Poké Ball EasyCards

Taiwan News reports Taipei’s EasyCard Corporation has partnered with Niantic, Inc to offer Poké Ball EasyCards.

Its first batch is limited to 3,000 Poké Balls at a price of NT$350 (US$11), limited to four per person. This batch can be pre-ordered for pickup on 31 July.

The second batch limited to 11,000 Poké Balls will be available for pickup on 25 September. Pre-orders can be made at 7-Elevens, FamilyMarts, and on the online shopping site PChome.

Poké Ball-themed EasyCards will function the same as regular EasyCards, allowing users to pay for the Taipei MRT (subway), buses, and other public transport services in Taipei.

The limited edition balls will also work in convenience stores, department stores, supermarkets, taxis and other places that also accept EasyCard payments.

When a successful transaction has been processed, a green light on the ball will flash, mimicking when a Pokémon is caught.