“Never come to any Asian country again"

SCMP reports that Argentina men’s volleyball team have come under fire for pulling a ‘slant-eyed’ racist gesture in their celebratory group photo.

The team had defeated China in five sets in a pool F match played in Ningbo to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

In a photograph taken after their victory, some players were seen pulling their eyes back with their fingers, angering many Asian internet users.

One of the players who made the gesture included the team’s star spiker Facundo Conte – the 2015 Pan American games gold medallist. Conte also plays for Chinese club Shanghai Golden Age.

Internet users expressed their outrage for the picture, which was uploaded to Conte’s Instagram account.

“Never come to any Asian country again, shame on u,” said one Instagram user.

“They think they are superior and discriminate this person and that person,” said another.

“How can a developing country discriminate against Asian countries. They are not superior to others,” another Istagrammer commented.

“I don’t understand how these South Americans have this self confidence. They are poor and chaotic, with the highest crime rate in the world. They also discriminate against Asians,” said another user.

“I am a Chinese lived in Shanghai.You was respected by us because you brought champions for Shanghai. We will never forget these. BUT your behavior last night was COMPLETELY inappropriate! Please give us an apology! NO RACISM!” said one user.

This is not the first time the volleyball community has been criticized for racism. Last year Belgian women’s volleyball players Ilka Van de Vyver and Nathalie Lemmens also slanted their eyes on Instagram.

Earlier this year two Telemundo hosts also made slanted-eye gestures, which led to their suspension.


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Tokyo 2020 alla vamossss Que felicidad y orgullo ser parte de este equipo, los que estamos aca, quienes jugaron el panamericano, un gran y largo equipo junto dejando todo por la celeste y blanca Haciendolo solos, no solo sin ayuda de nuestra federacion, sino sintiendo que los unicos que queremos lo mejor para la seleccion somos nosotros! Hasta hemos recibido mensajes diciendo “si no quieren jugar, que se vayan, habra otros para jugar” Quisiera ver como la seleccion hubiese logrado esta clasificacion, el oro panamericano, el bronce panamericano femenino y todo este hermoso movimiento sin que todos estos jugadores no estuvieran siempre dispuestos a dejar todo por la seleccion Cuanto nos gustaria que el voley este en manos del voley, y no de personas sin escrupulos que nada saben de este hermoso deporte Antes todo y siempre Vamos Argentina Carajo

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