"It's troubling and depressing for even myself as a patriot to have to see this sort of conversation happen"

Charlie Kirk has rejected Beto O’Rourke’s claim that America is built on white supremacy

In a Fox News interview, Conservative nonprofit Turning Point leader Charlie Kirk rejected  Beto O’Rourke’s claim about white supremacy,

Speaking a few days after 4 July, O’Rourke said that America was built upon white supremacy, which continues to exist today.

“This country was founded on white supremacy and every single institution and structure that we have in our country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation in Jim Crowe and suppression even in our democracy,” the Democratic nominee said.

When asked about O’Rourke’s comments on Fox News, Kirk rejected the Texas Representative’s claims.

“I don’t know what country he’s talking about, thats not America,” Kirk said. “I dont understand what part of the population the democrats are catering to here.”

Kirk said it was simply a strategic move by the Democrats to find a new base of support that was lost to Trump.

“From what i can understand Donald Trump stole the base of the democrat party away from them which was working class voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan,” he explained. “I guess this is an attempt by democrats to try and find a new base.”

“The Reagan democrats of the 80s and 90s that voted for Clinton and Gore have now gone to Trump and now the democrats are searching rapidly for a base that doesn’t believe this is the greatest country to exist in the history of the world,” he continued. “It’s troubling and depressing for even myself as a patriot to have to see this sort of conversation happen.”

Kirk went on to say that white supremacy does not exist because Asian Americans are the wealthiest income group in America.

“If this was really true, why is it that Asian-Americans are actually the wealthiest and highest incomes of any group in America?” He asked. “I mean, so that would actually go against the idea that the entire country is built on white supremacy still.”

“The U.S. Constitution was not written in Korean, it wasn’t written in Chinese, but it shows that any individual, any person that comes here with hard work and entrepreneurial attitude can succeed. And I’m so, I’m really depressed to see that a whole party seems to be positioning away from that.”