The video has been retitled as 'What gives kimchi its unusual flavour?'

The BBC has come under fire for describing kimchi as tasting “so odd”

A BBC video originally titled has been criticised by Twitter users for being insensitive.

In the short video, the a Korean chef explains what goes in kimchi to give it its flavour. A nutritionist adds that fermented food contains beneficial bacteria.

When the video was originally released, the BBC titled it What makes kimchi taste so odd?. The Huffington Post reports that in some place the title appeared as The secrets behind kimchi’s strange taste.

The video has since been retitled to What gives kimchi its unusual flavour?

Screenshots of the original video title surfaced online with many Twitter users calling the BBC out for being insensitive. Many highlighted that western food is not described in the same way.

Word choices like this might seem small and insignificant,” tweeted James Beard Award-winning writer Cathy Erway. “But, incidentally, that’s exactly how this @BBCNews headline might make readers who don’t view kimchi as “odd” feel. (Also, I read “odd” & “strange” in the context of food & flavors w a negative tinge. Just me?)”

“Anybody who eats sauerkraut but thinks kimchi is weird needs to meet people who aren’t white really badly,” another Twitter user wrote.

“This is other-ing. No one asks why Tabasco (fermentation! weird!) tastes odd,” tweeted another.

Some even suggested improved video titles including What makes kimchi taste so good?

One person simply suggested, “The BBC needs to send a crew to Koreatown in LA where amazing kimchi can be found and enjoyed daily.”