The American had booked an EVA flight next scheduled for month

The American passenger who forced an EVA Air flight attendant to undress and wipe him has died

Taipei Times reports that the obese passenger who had forced an EVA Air stewardess to undress and wipe his behind on board, has died in Thailand.

In January, the 200kg passenger demanded flight attendant Guo to remove his underwear and wipe him after he went to the toilet. He claimed he was unable to do so as he had injured his arm.

Guo had reluctantly agreed to undress him. When she tried to cover the passenger’s genitals with a blanket, he slapped her wrist away. The man reportedly moaned in pleasure as Guo wiped his behind.

The air stewardess was diagnosed with acute stress disorder after the strenuous ordeal and was granted sick leave.

EVA Air said the same passenger had defecated in his seat on a flight last May after the crew rejected his demands, resulting in a foul smell in the cabin for over 10 hours.

Despite making the news, the man booked another flight with EVA air scheduled for next month.

On 1 February, the Taiwanese airline said it would reach out to the passenger telling him that he would not be allowed to board the flight.

When EVA Air tried to contact him, the airline was informed that he had died of a personal illness in Ko Samui, Thailand.

The airline has been working with the passenger’s family to cancel his booked tickets.