“Asian flight attendants do not really know how to say no to customers"

A Taiwanese flight attendant for EVA Air was forced to undress and clean an overweight passenger.

According to Inkstone, a Taiwanese stewardess for EVA Air is planning to sue a passenger for forcing her to undress and clean him.

The 200kg passenger forced the flight attendant – surnamed Guo – to remove his underwear and wipe him after he went to the toilet. He had claimed he was not able to do it himself as he recently had surgery on his arm.

In a press conference, Guo revealed the details of the incident that occurred on board the EVA Air flight from Los Angeles to Taipei on Saturday.

Guo had reluctantly agreed to undress him. When she tried to cover the passenger’s genitals with a blanket, he slapped her wrist away. The man reportedly moaned in pleasure as Guo wiped his behind.

EVA Air said the same passenger had defecated in his seat on a flight last May after the crew rejected his demands, resulting in a foul smell in the cabin for over 10 hours.

Union representatives are claiming the passenger’s behaviour should be regarded as sexual harassment. EVA Air, which only hires female flight attendants, has said it will investigate the incident further and potentially put the passenger on a no-fly list.

Taiwanese flight attendant and blogger Old Crew Fernando said it is the culture of Asian flight attendants to give in to passengers.

“Asian flight attendants do not really know how to say no to customers,” the flight attendant of 20 years said.“They are worried that the company would take action against them, so they will accommodate unreasonable requests from passengers.”