"You gotta bring attitude and work with what [you’ve] got"

A photoshoot of plus-size Asian women is reclaiming body positivity.

Malaysian photographer and Instagrammer Catherhea “Cat” Teoh’s latest photoshoot featuring plus-size Asian women is making strides for body positivity.

Across five images, plus-size Asian models are seen dressed in swimwear posing with a “try to fuck me” gaze, as described by Hello Giggles.

Teoh told Hello Giggles that she found her models through Instagram and ensures that each of them understand her vision.

“It’s more than sitting pretty,” she says. “You gotta bring attitude and work with what [you’ve] got.”

Teoh said that the mission of her project was to fight back against those who looked down on plus-sized women.

“It started as me wanting to piss off fatphobic folks,” she explains. “But now, more than ever, I just want big girls to be able to look at themselves with love. Because sometimes you just want to feel enough, in however your body looks right now.”

However, whilst Teoh feels like she is making strides for plus-sized women, she finds colorism to be “heartbreaking”.

“Dark-skinned women are still constantly facing rejection and persecution simply because of their skin tone,” she said.

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