"The 2020s will be an interesting decade for Asian rap culture"

Singapore rap group YETI PACK have released a new track titled ‘FENGSHUI’

Rojak Daily reports that Singapore rap group YETI PACK are representing Asian hip hop by releasing a new track titled ‘FENGSHUI’ in time for Chinese New Year.

Comprising of AFRO JUNIOR, RVND, YELLO and Rush Martines, the group formed in 2017 and are also known for their 2018 track ‘BROKE AF’. Discussing last year’s track, the group said, “sometime last year we realized we were just dead ass broke. So, we made a song about it. And it blew up! “

The group described music style was a blend of “some Migos, some Higher Brothers, some Rich Brian, some Lil Dicky.”

Looking forward, YETI PACK believe that the groups such as 88rising have shown that the future of Asian hip hop is promising.

“It’s only recently that non-American artists are getting known around the world. Now more than ever, it’s easier to get global recognition due to the convenience of digital marketing. 88rising is playing a huge part in that with its niche foray into Asian hip hop culture.”

Even in Asia, the hip hop scene seems to be growing. “The Asian continent has taken a while to catch on to rap and its only been prominent here for a half a decade or so. It’s still a growing movement and we think all we need to do is give it time. It is developing exponentially, and we think the 2020s will be an interesting decade for Asian rap culture. With pop labels such as Universal and Sony setting up shop in Asia, it won’t be long before we see Roc Nation and maybe even Def Jam.”

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