“People said that we are racist but we are not"

Italian DJ duo VINAI filmed themselves mocking Chinese people in Shanghai and Taipei.

As reported by EDM.com Italian DJ brothers Allessandro and Andrea Vinai AKA VINAI uploaded a video of themselves mocking people in China.

In one video, the duo are heard shouting “ni hao” and “konnichiwa” at random people on the street. In another clip, the pair use noises to imitate a man on a loudspeaker .

After receiving backlash, VINAI issued an apology on Instagram. “Every friend of ours knows how much we love china and our fans,” read the caption.

“We sincerely apologize if we didn’t come across that way…people said that we are racist but we are not, we are against this…we are all the same.”

The brothers are known for their 2013 debut hit ‘Hands Up’ and for collaborating with DVBBS on ‘Raveology’. VINAI also set up their own record label ZEROTHIRTY in 2017.