"You do not belong in this country"

A racist Scottish man was filmed abusing a Chinese couple on a train in the UK.

Bristol Live reports that a Scottish man was seen hurling racist abuse at a Chinese couple in the UK.

The unidentified man launched into a 10-minute tirade on the 5pm Great Western Railway (GWR) train from London Paddington to Bristol on 14 November.

According to a 35-year-old witness, the male victim was seen running away from the man and the female victim was heard crying.

Footage of the incidents shows the man shouting, “I’ll fucking destroy you, you cunt,” and “fuck you, you Chinese cunt.”

Others are seen and heard trying to diffuse the situation.

A passenger said the man told the couple that they “do not belong in this country”.

“I was sitting on the other end of the carriage and I heard some arguing,” the witness said. “The commotion just got worse and worse and went on for a good 10 minutes.”

“There was a guy trying to calm him down and another woman was comforting the couple.”

“Everyone was shocked and could not believe it was happening. There were a couple of people telling him to be quiet and there was no place for racism in this country. There were kids who were scared, it was not very nice at all.”

“The manager of the train was nowhere to be seen and it would have been helpful to have him there. There is this discussion about train guards and it goes to show they probably are needed.”

The British Transport Police (BTP) is currently investigating the incident and are asking for witnesses to come forward.

“BTP are aware of a video posted on social media last night (15/11) showing a man being racially abusive to passengers on a Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads service,” they said in a statement.

A spokesperson for GWR said, “This is not acceptable behaviour, and we will fully support the investigation by the British Transport Police.”