The 5 episode series was created and written by Adina Luo and Vivian Huang

A new series titled The Kids Table is exploring Asian American identity through food, love, and gossip.

With the recent success of Crazy Rich AsiansSearching, and To All The Boys I’ve Lovedit is becoming clear that on screen Asian American stories are in high demand.

The latest Asian American production comes in the form of a 5 episode series created and written by Adina Luo and Vivian Huang.

Titled The Kids Table, the series examines different approaches to Asian-American identity through a group of Chinese-American family friends around a kids’ table.

The series explores the lives of immigrant kids who build relationships with similar families’ children.

“Kids in these makeshift communities end up feeling more like cousins or even siblings to each other rather than plain family friends, as they spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Chinese New Year together—year after year,” The Kids Table’s press release reads. “It’s a uniquely immigrant experience.”

Co-creator Vivian Haung said, “We wanted to give voice to the themes and questions that we found ourselves grappling with in our own lives, and examine how we’d come to form our individual identities as Asian-Americans.”

Huang’s partner on the project Adina Luo added, “I’m still sitting at the kids table. We have people getting married that still haven’t been upgraded. We wanted to tell the story about this experience we grew up with… but not by explaining Asian identity to someone else. It’s about exploring it for ourselves and speaking directly to our own community.”

The Kids Table will be launched on 25 September 2018. To watch the series and for more information, visit The Kids Table website and follow their Instagram.