"You are a singularly ugly race"

An Asian realtor in Canada who received a racist letter has received support online.

As reported by Narcity, Asian realtor Winnie Wu was disgusted after receiving an anonymous letter telling her she was “not welcome” in the neighbourhood.

Wu, a realtor from Coquitlam, BC, posted a picture of the letter that was addressed to her and “all other Asian realtors in our cities” on Facebook.

“Chinks and gooks are not welcome or wanted in our neighborhood,” the letter begins.“You are a singularly ugly race… your appearance, culture, language, your unbridled greed. You have invaded, infested and defaced Vancouver with your presence, systematically spreading into it’s neighouring cities [sic].”

The author of the letter likened Asians to a “sea of marauding ants” and told Wu that they did not want “some offshore chink” buying the empty houses.

Dozens commented on Wu’s Facebook post, which has now been deleted. Many offered support to the realtor.

In response, Wu expressed her gratitude by writing, “thank you everyone for the kind words and support. I posted this message because it made me sad and I posted to Facebook hoping for support from friends. It’s grown into something much bigger.”

Wu has filed a report with the police.