The US company hopes to build "meaningful relationships with multicultural consumers through cultural insights"

US insurance company State Farm has released an advert that targets Asian-Americans.

As reported by Biz Journals, Illinois’ State Farm insurance company has released an advert targeting Asian Americans.

Created by agency Fluent360, the advert features three Asian actors who speak in English and Mandarin. In the ad titled Smart Living an Asian couple calls State Farm after the voice controlled products in their home go haywire. The State Farm agent, who is also Asian, comforts the couple with the company’s insurance.

Fluent360’s executive creative director Jose Suaste said, “we really wanted humor to drive these stories through a way in which our audiences could completely see themselves.

Ed Gold, advertising director at State Farm added,  “we are always looking for ways to build meaningful relationships with multicultural consumers through cultural insights. This creative work strikes a balance of providing information while recognizing and respecting cultural nuances.”

The advert will run on digital platforms with an Asian Indian targeted advert to run next month.