“Yes, it is a win for representation. In America"

Singaporean critics aren’t happy with the representation of local people in Crazy Rich Asians.

Critics in Singapore are expressing their disapproval of the representation of locals in Crazy Rich Asians, according to Color Lines.

Crazy Rich Asians has been praised for its all-Asian cast – a first in a feature film since The Joy Luck Club. However, although the film is set in Singapore, Singaporeans critics aren’t too pleased with it.

One such critic is ‘anti-racist activist’ Sangeetha Thanapal who expressed that Singapore’s Indian community is once again left out in the representation of the state-city. “This movie is going global, and the idea of Singapore is that we don’t exist in it,” Thanapal said.

Writer Kirsten Han added that other ethnic minorities are also neglected in Crazy Rich Asians. “Yes, it is a win for representation. In America,” she said. “The lack of ethnic minorities, who do make up a significant part of the population, is just the same kind of Chinese-majority dominance that we would see in any other media in Singapore.”

Crazy Rich Asians will be released on 15 August and is expected to earn $20 million upon release.