US Representative Ron Paul has been slammed for a “racist” tweet that has offended a number of races.

Republican congressman Ron Paul has come under fire for tweeting a racist cartoon.

In the now deleted tweet, the Texas Republican wrote, “are you stunned by what has become of American culture? Well, it’s not an accident. You’ve probably heard of ‘cultural Marxism,’ but do you know what it means?”

Attached was a cartoon of four stereotypically drawn men – hooked-nose Jew, an Asian, a Hispanic and an African American. Joined together by a single fist, knocking out Uncle Sam, the men are yelling “CULTURAL MARXISM!”.

The cartoon showed the signature of cartoonist Ben Garrison, but the artist tweeted that it “totally” wasn’t his work, and “trolls” had pasted his signature the image.

Paul then denied having knowledge of the tweet and pinned the blame on a member of staff. “Earlier today a staff member inadvertently posted an offensive cartoon on my social media,” he wrote in another tweet. “I do not make my own social media posts and when I discovered the mistake it was immediately deleted.”

Twitter users were somewhat unforgiving towards Paul’s follow-up tweet.

“I take it that “inadvertently” means “Whoops, did I just say that out loud?” one user wrote.

“That’s not an apology Ron. Furthermore, YOU are responsible for your posts! YOU! Libertarian = takes responsibility, right?” wrote another.