Spencer appeared on the latest episode of Sasha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America'?

Republican politician Jason Spencer was seen launching into a full-on racist impression of a Chinese tourist.

In a segment on the second episode of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest Showtime series Who Is America?, Republican lawmaker Jason Spencer was seen doing a racist impression of a Chinese tourist.

Cohen, who posed as Israeli anti0terrorism expert Erran Morad, tells Spencer of a new technique of using selfie-sticks underneath people wearing burkas to determine if they are a terrorist.

Spencer is then asked to try the method, pretending to be a Chinese tourist because “the Chinese are always taking selfies,” according to Cohen.

Waving the selfie-stick around, Spencer imitates a Chinese tourist by shouting random Asian-related words including, “konnichiwa,” “red dragon,” “Hong Kong,” “sushi,” “chopstick,” and “Ho Chi Minh City.”

Spencer also started yelling “n*gger” when Cohen asks him to distract a terrorist, as well as exposing his buttocks “to intimidate ISIS”.

The 43-year-old has since said that Cohen “took advantage of my paralyzing fear” and has refused to resign, despite calls for him to do so, according to CBS.