"That's what you look like, an idiot, and you do look like a pussy"

A Chinese YouTuber has responded in the best possible way to Ricegum’s “ignorant” Hong Kong video.

Chinese YouTuberLC Esports English Class has expertly destroyed Ricegum for his controversial video in Hong Kong.

Towards the end of last month, we reported that Asian American YouTuber Ricegum was criticised for posting a video in Hong Kong that was described as “ignorant”.

In the video titled ‘Why I Left The Clout House (im sorry)’, RiceGum and his sidekick M2THAK fly to Hong Kong and vlog their experience.

The pair are seen walking around Tsim Sha Tsui and asking people where they can eat cats and dogs. They are also seen asking strangers “where the hoes at?” and laughing when they are not understood.

A few days later, Ricegum responded to the criticism by defending his video.

Now, Chinese YouTuber known as LC Esports English Class has deconstructed Ricegum’s two videos, giving the Asian American a piece of his mind.

LC is known for translating League of Legends content for the Chinese community but in his video titled ‘Ricegum Banned from Chinese community’, LC offers a slightly different video.

Firstly, LC looks at Ricegum’s claim that ‘hoes’ was mistranslated by the Chinese.

“He thinks the first problem is miscommunication,” LC says. “He thinks because ew don’t understand the slang, so the word ‘ho’ should not be translated to prostitute.”

LC then looks up the definition of ‘ho’ to find a description that says it is a synonym of ‘slut’

“Do you think the word “slut” is any better?” LC asks. “How can you just take for granted that your joke will be appreciated?”

“In China if you call someone a ho, you’ll instantly get a slap in the face,” LC continued. “For some of the comments, they’re not just threatening you, it’s the truth.”

LC then shared a segment of Ricegum’s original video where he asks random people in Hong Kong for a happy ending.

“You think we can ‘t get the message?” LC asks. “Getting a happy ending? Don’t ever think you can talk yourself out that easily.”

“You’re taking advantage of people who do not understand English. You’re taking advantage of people who have good hearts.”

LC says he would rather Ricegum just admit his racism.

“If in this [new] video you said, “OK I admit I’m a racist, I say whatever I want to say, I do whatever I want to do, that’s who I am,” I’d probably end up liking you a little bit.”

When Ricegum reads out his criticism, LC has no sympathy.

“That’s what you look like, an idiot,” LC says. “And you look like a pussy. How come you never thought what you did in the first place? After being racist you expect people to be nice to you?”

LC also does not buy Ricegums excuse that he’s allowed to make Asian jokes because black people make black jokes.

“In the American culture, I watch like black comedians make jokes about black stereotypes,” Ricegum says. “White people make white jokes and hispanic people make hispanic jokes, and I thought because I’m Asian, I was allowed to make these Asian stereotype jokes.”

In response, LC says, “Today you blame Chinese people for not having a sense of humour. You think we don’t understand slang because of a miscommunication problem. You think we don’t undestand American hip hop culture. And now it finally comes to American culture.”

“Ask any American if American culture is about insulting, taking advantage of elderly people or about taking advantage of people who do not speak English.”

Ricegum also shares clips of stand up comedians including Kevin Hart and compares himself to them.

“I happen to like American stand up comedians a lot,” LC says. “I watched a lot of them. How dare you compare yourself to some great person like Kevin Hart? Kevin Hart is funny not because he makes fun of other people but because he makes fun of himself.”

However, what offended LC the most was the segment where Ricegum gives an elderly man his half eaten ice cream.

“The most disgusting thing you did was the thing with the ice cream,” LC says. “How dare you? How about the next time I have a lollipop and finish half of it full with my saliva and put it in your mouth? I am doing that with the best intention.”

“If I ever knew someone who did that to my parents, I will bring the money for your  hospital and I’ll beat the shit out of you.”

“It’s so freaking rude to make fun of senior people. Try and do that to Americans, see if they can appreciate your joke.”

Finally, LC welcomes Ricegum to Shanghai to try and pull the same stunt.

“Next time, fly to Shanghai – I’ll buy your ticket.” LC offers. “I’ll be your translator for free. Just come to Shanghai and ask the exact same question again. See how that goes.”