The American car giant is looking for athletic actors aged 18-30 with real basketball skills

US car company Cadillac is searching for Asian actors for a commercial aimed at the Chinese market.

According to Backstage, General Motors car company Cadillac is looking for Asian actors for a Chinese market commercial.

Cadillac is on the look out for Asian men and women who are 18-30, cool-looking and who have real demonstrable basketball skills. The car company is looking for actors aged 18–28 who have real parachuting skills and experience.

Other leading roles that are open include actors aged 25-35 to portray gadget fixers, actors aged 18-28 to play AR/VR designers and actors aged 15-30 who are enthusiastic about rockets. An actor aged 25-35 is also required to play a robotics engineer.

Asians are specifically requested for all roles.

The roles are open for both male and females.

Compensation ranges from $500 to $1,000 per day with airfare and accommodation being provided for out-of-state actors.

A costume fitting will take place prior to the shoot, which will be held over one or two days between July 5–8 in New York City.

To apply, click here.