“At that moment I was like, thank God my door’s locked"

An Asian man in Long Beach was a victim of road rage and racist abuse.

As reported by Long Beach Post, Robin Lim was a victim of road rage assault and racism.

Lim, 24, was driving on Orange Avenue when he saw an SUV in front of him signalling right at an intersection. He proceeded to drive around the vehicle an continue on his way.

However, instead of turning right, the SUV sped up and overtook Lim and slammed his brakes on, forcing Lim to stop.

A man emerges from the SUV and launches a torrent of abuse, “learn how to fucking drive you piece of shit,” the man says. At one point, Lim is called a “little Asian piece of shit.”

“At that moment I was like, thank God my door’s locked,” Lim said, reflecting on the incident.

Lim posted the dash cam footage of the incident on Facebook, YouTube and Reddit, asking for help in identifying the man. Some progress has been made and Lim believes he may have found a connection with the man.

“His wife is Cambodian. I’m Cambodian. We’re all connected that way,” Lim said.

Signal Hill police were contacted and are investigating the incident as a hit-and-run but Lim fears he will only be charged with a misdemeanour.

“I want to know we’re safe out there,” Lim said. “At least get him some anger-management classes or give him some jail time so he learns his lesson.”