Holly Davis gunned down Yue Jiang after rear-ending her

A woman who shot and killed a Chinese student in a road rage incident has been given a plea agreement.

As reported by SCMP, a woman who gunned down a Chinese college student in a road rage incident has been given a plea agreement.

On 16 January 2016, 19-year-old Jiang Yue was rear-ended whilst driving in Arizona by Holly Davis who then walked over to Jiang’s car and shot her, according to Xinhua.

Trying to escape, Jiang lost control whilst driving away and crashed into a car carrying a family of five. Davis fled the scene.

Davis was originally charged with first-degree murder. However, the prosecutor and her attorney sealed a plea deal of second-degree murder, which would result in a mandatory 25-year prison sentence.

Jiang’s family is now appealing to seek a harsher sentence, saying Davis should serve life in prison.

“The plea agreement from the county attorney’s office demeans my cousin’s life and makes Davis’ meaningless life more important than Yue’s, who would have graduated with honours to become a productive and reasonable citizen and an asset to her community, city, state and nation,” said Katherine Xu, the student’s cousin.

Davis will be sentenced on Friday.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office said prosecutors worked with Jiang’s family but the “practical realities of the facts and circumstances” resulted in the plea.

“Losing a loved one to violence is tragic, let alone losing them in a foreign country. Couple tragedy with the unfamiliarity of a foreign criminal justice system and confusion and frustration is not unexpected,” spokeswoman Amanda Jacinto said.

“My cousin Yue was a kind, mature and responsible girl who served her family very well,” Xu said. “We were very proud of her, and we still are.”

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