ETH Zurich is the tenth-best university in the world

Switzerland’s top ranking ETH university in Zurich has been hit by racism.

According to the Local, ETH university in Zurich – Switzerland’s top ranking university – has been affected by racism.

Racist graffiti and slogans reportedly appeared at the university’s Hönggerberg campus. “No Asians” was written on a lift door and Asian students were crossed out in a photo.

ETH Zurich is reportedly the tenth-best university in the world.

In one instance, the work of Asian students were graffitied with obscene drawings and racist slogans.

Some fellow students called for the culprit to be expelled and others said racist insults should not be ignored. Meanwhile, some students went to the police, whilst others reported the incidents to directly to ETH.

The Chinese embassy was rumoured to have been called upon too.

ETH Vice-Chancellor Sarah Springman responded by telling students in a closed meeting that those who did not comply with the institution’s culture of respect would be punished.

“Every year, the ETH welcomes a lot of new people, including students and those doing their doctorates, who have not yet taken on the ETH culture,” the university said.

A doctoral student from Luxembourg said anyone who attends ETH knew they would be immersed in an international environment. “If they don’t like, they shouldn’t come here,” he said.

“I’m not angry,” said one Chinese student. “It’s just a bit of shame to have such childish idiots as neighbours.”

ETH has since introduced a new code of conduct emphasising that discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and threats of any sort will not be tolerated. However, some students criticised the institution for responding too slowly.

In related news, Harvard University is being sued for for discriminating against Asian Americans.